My mission is to eat clean as much as possible although I do fail occasionally.  Alchemy super blends are my favourite Elixirs because they are made from organic high-quality plant-based nutrients which contain a high number of minerals and vitamins.

Presently I am enjoying four Alchemy Elixirs:

Beauty Elixir: This helps to improve your skin, hair and nails.

Energy Elixir: This provides you with an enriching vitality boost and increases your energy levels.

Sports Elixir: This will help you recover after a workout.

Morning Elixir: This super blend supports your daily diet and helps you to feel naturally satisfied.


Don’t make the mistake of mixing the blend with water only. The first time I consumed it, I mixed it with a shot of orange juice (this was to disguise the grass like taste).

 Alchemy Beauty Elixir

Ingredients: Goji berries, pea protein, wheatgrass, baobab, camu camu, and acai.

This elixir tastes quite nice. It contains 6 organic nutrient-dense whole foods, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, and other anti-oxidants. Vitamin C helps to stimulate collagen production and the proteins help lighten your complexion as well as firming your skin.

It is essential that you consume them on a regular basis to achieve the maximum benefits. It is not possible to prepare a smoothie with a teaspoon of powder and expect it to get rid of your wrinkles. This is the best way to include more wrinkle-fighting antioxidants.

Alchemy Energy Elixir

Ingredients: Maca, camu camu, chlorella, baobab and pea protein

I prefer to drink this in the morning before I go to work or during the afternoon.

This blend is rich in irons, vitamin C and plant proteins. The main ingredient is maca which helps to increase your energy and stamina levels.

Warning: This drink will not make you super productive however it will increase your energy level. If you love drinking coffee then definitely try this out as a substitute.

Alchemy Sports Elixir

Ingredients: Lucuma, wheatgrass, pea protein, Camu Camu, hemp protein and acai.

Recently I made a delicious smoothie mixed with Greek yoghurt, coconut milk, one banana, berries and two teaspoons of the Alchemy Sports Elixir.

This elixir is rich in proteins that help to repair lean muscle. Pea protein is a source an essential amino acid and hemp protein is an excellent source of omega-3 that helps to support your joints.

Alchemy Morning Elixir

Ingredients: Baobab, hemp and pea protein, spirulina, camu camu, acai, goji berries, wheatgrass and psyllium husk.

This blend provides you with Vitamin C, 15% folic acid, 20% iron and includes antioxidants to fight against free radicals.



Pros: All the blends are rich in proteins and antioxidants that boost the health of your body and skin. Beauty Elixir increases the collagen level; Energy Elixir supports you with strength and stamina; Morning Elixir prevents hunger pangs until lunch time and Sports Elixir helps me to recover quickly after a workout.

Cons: They taste bitter when you mix them with water alone. You can add them to a smoothie or an organic juice to disguise the taste of the powders.

In conclusion, Alchemy Elixirs are super food blends give you all the nutrients required to boost the health and condition of your body.

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