Hair speaks volumes when it is done in the correct way!

I have always wanted to do something more with my hair. My natural hair colour is dark brown which means that it pretty much looks like your run-in-the-mill brown. As I was looking for recommendations on top salons to style my hair in the UK, someone recommended that I take a look online at expert celebrity hair stylist, Catherine Boden and her famous Hollywood Colour Blend technique.


At first I was a bit skeptical as I couldn’t understand why someone would sit down for almost six hours adding highlights to their hair.

I called in at Catherine Boden’s Manchester-based salon to make an appointment and receieved my appointment a few months later (yes her waiting list is that long)! I was extremely impressed by the personal attention she gave me and by the specific treatment she used on my locks.



On the day, Catherine started off by conditioning my hair and taking it back to its natural colour. She explained that this would make my new colour blend in well with the rest of my hair even if the roots grew out. She then followed up with her Hollywood Colour Blend. During that session, Catherine added blended lowlights and highlights to my hair in varied brown tones (so many of them, I think as many as six!). She used the colours to match my skin tone, eye colour, eyebrows and facial structure. My hair was trimmed to bring out certain features on my face- in particular my cheeks and chin. Now this was something very profound as nobody had ever advised me on these important details before.

The result was that my hair had added dimensions and incredible depth. After hours of Catherine working her magic on my hair, I turned to look at myself in the mirror-I could not believe my eyes! With such a definition at first glance, I was almost convinced that I was wearing extensions. My hair looked beautiful in colour, very healthy, thick, long and glossy. She did wonders to my hair as she took it from being an everyday mane to glamour on the go.  Everyone keeps complimenting my hair colour and hair style and on top of that I received inundated enquiries on Snapchat (Nazilamalik). If you want to get the best hair colour and cut then book in with Catherine as she is incredible and very stunning too!

The hair treatments start from £150.

For further details visit Catherine Boden’s website: