When did washing your face get so complicated? With so many different cleansing products on the market choosing the right ones to cleanse your skin can be confusing; which ones will remove my make up without mess or fuss, ensure glowing skin, nourish and moisturise my skin?

What should my daily regime consist of? Should I opt for a lotion, or an oil? We personally love cleansing balms, for all skin types, they are gentle and creamy and nourish the skin instead of stripping it – like some harsh scrubs and wipes can. They are oil based but much, much thicker, and are able to work their magic removing grime without the mess of a lotion or oil.

These cleansing balms are relatively new to the mix, but they are already a staple in many women’s beauty armoury. They are a fantastic choice for those with problem or dry skin and could really make a difference to your complexion especially in the winter. As temperatures drop it becomes harder to keep your skin hydrated, cold air and central heating can dry your skin out, introducing a balm is an effective option to remove grime and oil without over drying the skin further.

Adding a balm as the first step in your cleansing routine is essential, and our favourites will leave you with glowing skin. So, cleanse, and double cleanse with these no fuss grime busting balms.

Eve Lom
Cleansing Balm


One of the first cleansing balms on the market, Eve Lom’s thick balm cleanser quickly became a beauty hero with a huge celebrity following. Everything about this product from the chic packaging the wonderful ingredients is fantastic. Chamomile, eucalyptus, hops and clove oils are suspended in a satiny base of rose wax, starflower, and elderberry oils.

When warmed and massaged into the skin, it easily melts away makeup and dirt, even waterproof mascara, leaving the skin exfoliated and moisturised. After wiping away with the muslin cloth it comes with, some of the balm will be left behind ensuring the collagen-boosting and antioxidant-rich blend will have more time to get to work. Comes in three sizes. It’s a like a visit to a spa for your skin every day.

All skin types
Great Make up removal Capabilities
Great first step in a Double Cleanse

Those with oily skin may find it too rich.

Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm



This soft and luxurious cleansing balm, which smells amazing, is formulated using an impressive cocktail of botanicals and super charged with anti-ageing algae, is gentle on the skin and has powerful antiaging properties. It’s for all skin types and easily dissolves make up and daily grime, leaving skin feeling smooth, intensely cleansed and nourished with a glowing complexion.

It’s an exceptional multi-functional product perfect for everyday use. It also doubles as a nourishing, moisturising mask when applied and left on the skin for 10 minutes, which feels like a professional facial at home. This is one of the most moisturising cleansing balms available and is recommended for dry and mature skin.

It is made with nourishing almond oil and anti-aging elderberry oil, along with a collection of skin-supportive extracts. It comes in a jar and includes a spatula and face cloth.

Suitable for all skin types
Targets fine lines and wrinkles
Intensely Moisturising, doubles as a mask
Parabin Free
Cruelty free

We can’t find any! It’s a beauty luxury balm that is worth the price/

Alpha H
Essential Cleansing Balm


If your skin is thirsty and in need of a little care and attention this luxury cleansing balm is perfect for you! Containing a blissful cocktail of essential oils, Sea Buckthorn, Rose Hip and Geranium, this nourishing balm will cleanse the skin while replenishing much-needed moisture.

It is a 4 in 1 cleanser, toner, make up remover and soothing balm that repairs and strengthens the skins protective acid mantle. It is suitable for very sensitive skin and is known to alleviate discomfort, tightness and irritation that dry sensitive skin can suffer from. This wonderful balm can also be used as an overnight intense treatment to deeply nourish the skin if it’s particularly dry.

Ideal for Normal, Dry and Mature Skins
Doubles as an intense nourishing treatment.
Paraben Free
Silicon Free
Cruelty Free