We recently launched three stunning ‘Nazila Mirror Powders’ into Sally’s Salon Service stores. There are three colours to choose from: Silver Slipper (Silver), Emerald Shimmer (green) and Purple. The mirror nails powder technique also known as ‘chrome nails’ is the most recent fashion in art nail world.  You can create chrome nails by using gel nail polish with UV/LED. This technique allows your nail last longer and gives it a mirror like look. The mirror powder can be applied to the UV gel nail but the mirror powder cannot be used on non-UV/LED gel nail.



The  Technique

Making use of Gel Polish

  1. You have to apply a base coat and allow it to cure for 40 seconds under manicure light. Most nail artists preferred coating the skin close to your nails with liquid latex. This helps to clean up your manicure quickly because all you need to do is to remove the latex from your skin.
  2. You can add two coats of UV/LED gel polish and allow it to cure. Apply the first layer and cure it for about 30 seconds, then apply the second coat and cure it for just 15 seconds.
  3. Tap on your chosen ‘ Nazila Mirror Powder’ using a sponge applicator. Dip your foam applicator inside the powder and start applying it on your nail. You can start from the cuticle region and move towards the tip.
  4. You can use the applicator to polish the powder on your nail gently. Don’t apply pressure, because it can lead to dents.
  5. You can wash it off using a soft brush or apply alcohol. It is possible you make use of the thin brush in rubbing alcohol to clean the skin close to your nails. If you apply latex, you can easily peel it off!



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