Last October, my husband and I visited Greece to celebrate our ten year marriage anniversary at Andronis Boutique Hotel in Santorini, specifically in the ancient village of Oia. That trip remains the most delightful and heavenly experience I have ever had in a hotel.

The Outdoor View – The Andronis Boutique Hotel sure keeps its word about giving you more than you expect. It is located on the edge of the Oia village which had been a small village in the late 1970s. The adult only property has a restaurant on site and two outdoor swimming pools. We enjoyed the outdoor terrace though not as much as our private terrace which allowed us to enjoy the Caldera view and architecture. The entire area of the 5 Star hotels is breathtakingly impressive and saying we had a lovely time is a big understatement.

The Suites – The suites are about thirty minutes away from the Santorini Airport. The hotel has both Luxury Suites and Romantic suites. The rooms were spacious and were designed into a cave style Jacuzzi giving us a cozy time indoors. Our room was beautifully decorated and had everything that could make our stay a big delight. It had an in-room dining, a hot tub and a furnished private balcony. The bathroom had showers and designer toiletries. Room service was very helpful and housekeeping was on a daily basis.

The Views from the Suites – For someone like me who adores nature and the beauty of panorama, the views of Caldera and Oia filled me with excitement. The view from our room was indeed very luxurious, and we could see the steep rocks that met the sea from our private terrace.

World Class Hotel Service – From the two swimming pools to the pool bar, everything in the hotel deserves a five star. We had the best dishes at the onsite restaurant ,and all the staff were more than willing to attend to our every need.

Professional and Friendly Staff – Being in Andronis Boutique hotel made us feel special. My husband and I met with warm and professional staff that did their job with expertise and thoroughness. I met with multilingual staff-  I couldn’t help but marvel at how versatile they were. Can you believe they knew our names?

Lauda Restaurant – The onsite restaurant which was named after the first village in Oia served us meals filled with the Santorini aroma and color. The restaurant honored the ancient tradition of kitchen trends and had mixed it brilliantly with the latest kitchen culture. My husband and I enjoyed the Santorini and international dishes. The wine list included different rose wines, Greek white wines, red wines, champagnes, dessert wines and other sparkling wines.

The Must-Visit Diamond Shop – As we gradually rounded off our trip to the hotel we visited the famous Diamond Shop. The shop owners were very pleasant and entertaining. It’s one shop you must visit when you do visit Santorini too.

Even after several months of our trip to Andronis Boutique Hotel, my husband and I still have fresh memories of the beautiful place that made our ten year anniversary a voyage to remember. It has made us more romantic and we are eager to visit again.  Why not see for yourself by booking a trip?